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retina laser procedure


 Procedures that are performed in the office include injections, lasers such as Focal/grid, Pan Retinal Photocoagulation, retinal tears, and retinopexy laser to retinal tears. The injections are performed to treat a number of common conditions including but not limited to wet macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema (swelling from diabetes), and macular edema due to other conditions. These lasers are performed to help shrink abnormal blood vessels in your eye or to secure nerve tissue lining to the back wall of the eye. Your eyes are dilated prior to the laser. Patients can expect minimal discomfort.

Guide to Laser Procedures

It is our top priority to assist you in the best option for your personal health and lifestyle. There may come a time when surgery is next step towards your eye health. Procedures can vary from person to person and your doctor assesses each individual differently. Some procedures are done in our office and others at Queen’s Medical Center. Not all procedures are recommended for everyone. Decisions are based on an individual basis. Whether your procedure is done in the office or at the hospital, it is performed on an outpatient basis. There are no overnight stays in the hospital that is required unless otherwise specified.

The video below depicts a brief explanation of how the lasers are performed and what you can expect.

See our instructions on how to maintain care for your eyes after laser.

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