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Procedures that are performed in the hospital include photodynamic therapy laser (PDT), retinal detachments, retinal hemorrhages, vitrectomies, and endophthalmitis. All surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, most commonly at Queens Medical Center. If hospital surgery is expected, please note that this may hinder any flight travel.  Further details can be discussed with your doctor on your appointment day prior to surgery..


The videos below gives you a brief outline of what can be expected when vitrectomy surgery is performed.


After having certain surgeries, we may require you avoid heavy lifting and/or altering you head in different positions. Different procedures require different instructions.  If you need to have a procedure done that requires you to be in a “face-down” position, you may be interested in renting equipment to make your healing process more comfortable.  This is a mainland based company who has since extended themselves locally. Please click on website below and you will be redirected to their site.

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